You Asked For It

you-asked-for-it Billy Connolly’s most requested comedy clips – in addition to his first live TV performance. Billy is universally recognised as the master of observational humour, and here we see the comic genius at his hilarious best. You Asked For It features extracts from Billy’s most popular TV and theatrical stand-up performances, as well as his first ever TV special, broadcast in 1976.>

The Man Live in London (2010)


As funny, topical and downright brilliant as ever, Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 is the master at his best. From raging about Britain's political elite to reporting about the oddities of America, Live in London 2010 takes the audience on a hilarious series of anecdotes, digressions and yarns. Filmed this year during 20 sell-out nights at London's Hammersmith Apollo, this is the show that caused a ticket website to crash from the demand when it first went on sale. .

Journey to the Edge of the World - ITV (2008)


Billy's going to the edge of the world and he's taking us with him. In the summer of 2008 Billy Connolly set sail on a 10-week journey from ocean to ocean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific by way of the North West Passage. This legendary route deep within the Arctic Circle has thwarted explorers and fortune-hunters for centuries and now you can experience Billy Connolly's adventure on DVD.


Comedian, actor and musician Billy Connolly braves the elements in this adventurous and dangerous journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, via the legendary Northwest Passage.

Billy Connolly Live in New York

imageThe UK press, Churchmen, politicians and conservative thinkers everywhere may criticise his language and subject matter but there can be no disputing that Billy has brough more pleasure and laughter to more people than any other living person.

After three decades of touring the USA this is Billy Connolly's first concert filmed in America. It was filmed in New York's Town Hall in February 2005

Billy Connolly's New Zealand Tour 2004

image Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand will screen in the UK late 2004. The programme, featuring Billy Connolly's Sky Jump off Sky Tower, will be part of the fourth in the World Tour series, which have previously been seen by up to 10 million UK viewers per episode.

Billy Connolly Live The Greatest Hits (2002)

image Billy Connolly's live shows have been enthralling audiences around the world for over three decades. The greatest hits is Billy at his pure unadulterated best - over 2 hours of the greatest moments from the greatest shows - the absolute ultimate in Billy Connolly Live.

Billy Connolly: World Tour of Ireland, Wales and England (2002)

image After a break of 6 years Billy Connolly brings his hugely popular World Tour series back to the british isles.

Filmed during his 2001 tour this is a personal travelogue taking in the people, places and history of England, Ireland and Wales interwoven with live footage from his sell-out shows.

Starting in Dublin and ending in Plymouth, with his custom built trike in tow, Billy's journey takes in a Shakespearean playhouse in London and follies in wales, his Irish ancestors and farting dead people, he even comes across fairies in Belfast and angels in Tyneside.

Billy's original views, love of the places he visits and humour shine through to leave you with a totally unique view of England, Ireland and Wales.

Billy Connolly Live (2002)

image Join Billy on a host of rip roaring nights during his latest sensational tour. Kicking off with a barnstorming show in Dublin plus the top moments from sell-out nights in Belfasts, Killarney, Newcastle, Plymouth, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Bournemouth and Sheffield.

Billy Connolly - One night stand Down Under & The best of the Rest (1999)

image This is Billy Connolly's first live video for two years. Filmed in Brisbane in April '99 it is Billy at his best - in front of a packed house. The best of the rest - a brand new feature compilation of the very best of Billy Connolly's live performances, spanning a career of over 30 years.

Erect for Thirty Years (November 1998)

image Billy Connolly has been entertaining audiences around the globe for 30 years with his hilarious anecdotes and unique take on life. As a special tribute, this program captures the very best of his stand-up all the way from his early performances to his latest sell-out tours.

"Billy Connolly - Erect for 30 Years" also includes a brand new stand-up performance shot in London.

The DVD also features footage from Billy's films and interviews with: Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Dustin Hoffman, Sean Connery and Dame Judi Dench. Billy Connolly, internationally known comedian, commemorates his thirtieth anniversary in shown business with this brand new concert film. The man delivers his unique stories and jokes in front of an appreciative London audience.

Billy Connolly: Two Night Stand (1997)

imageBilly recorded live during his tour of Britain in 1997.

Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia (1996)

image Billy's Australian tour took some 2 1/2 months to complete and is comprehensively covered over 8 episodes and five and a half hours. Whether he is on his magnificent Harley motorcycle, eating lunch with locals, exploring national treasures or just talking about local history there is not a dull moment to be found. The unique feature of this series is not only do you get to see Australia through a foreigners eyes but also get to see the best of his stand up comedy as well in the various cities he visits, talk about the best of both worlds. Disc 1 covers NSW and Victoria with disc 2 exploring the remainder of the country with the notable exception being Tasmania which, like at the 1982 Commonwealth Games, has been left off the map so to speak.

Billy Connolly's World Tour of Scotland (1995)

image In the spring of 1994, Billy Connolly began a 40 show tour of his native land. This seven part series allowed Billy to give us his personal interpretation of the sights and sounds of Scotland.

Also included were some new commissioned music by Billy Connolly, Ralph McTell and Graham Preskett. Starting with the hustle and bustle of Glasgow, his home town, Billy leads us through rolling lowland farmland to Highland tundra, to the secluded islands of Orkney and Shetland.

Billy knows every town and every bend in the road - in his career he has played to huge stadia and small church halls. and every place Billy plays on the tour is a sell-out. Billy shows us the places he lived and visited during his life, as well as a few places he always wanted to see.

Most of the major monuments in Scotland are visited, as well as chats and chance meetings with people from every walk of life. Interspersed with footage from many of the concerts, the programme is funny as well as informative. Billy fills in the gaps with witty and revealing autobiographical snippets, and the usual anecdotes.

Two Bites of Billy Connolly (1995)

image Two bites of Billy Connolly contains a magical mixture of Billy's complete award winning BBC1 television series "World Tour of Scotland" in which Billy chronicles his personal journey through his native Scotland and Billy's hilarious previously unavailable concert "Live at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh" In a rare combination, of almost four hours of beauty and hilarity, Billy Connolly demonstrates why he is Britain's best loved comedian.

Billy Connolly Live 1994

image Billy Connolly live 1994 was filmed during Billy's record breaking twenty two night concert run at London's famous Hammersmith Apollo.

Having previously performed forty-five dates throughout Scotland- Billy Connolly's world tour of Scotland- Billy was at his absolute peak for the filming of this video - resulting in over ninety minutes of riotous comedy.

Billy Connolly live 1994 is Billy's first live video for three years, and is by universal acclaim. Billy Connolly at his most riotous outrageous hilarious best.

The Best of 25 years of Billy Connolly (1992)

image Life before Billy is unthinkable. For the last 25 years Billy has been one of the world's most popular comedians. Now his best work including 70 minutes of previously unreleased footage is available on one programme.

Live at the Hammersmith (1991)

image This disc actually features two whole performances, coming in at over 3 hours of Billy humour! Can you handle it? I dare you to watch it all in one sitting.

You would certainly come out the other end of it saying a certain F word with far more vigour and frequency. The first performance on the disc is Live at the Odeon Hammersmith in London, recorded in 1991.

Billy and Albert - Billy Connolly at the Royal Albert Hall (1987)

image Unexpurgated Billy Connolly at his best live at London's Royal Albert Hall, July 1987. Over 25 of his best stories are featured, including 'High Fibre Diet', 'Thatcher And Reagan' and 'Visiting Scotland'. Strictly for those not easily offended.

The Pick of Billy Connolly (1982)

image A live performance from the doyenne of bad taste, Billy Connolly, who brings his own brand of Glaswegian wit to the Cambridge Theatre. Sketches include 'Glasgow Boy', 'Springburn Party', 'Welly Boot Song' and 'The Hit Man'.

Billy Bites yer Bum - Live and hand picked by Billy (1981)

image This unique double bill captures two of Billy Connolly's greatest live performances from this extraordinary 35 year career.

These legendary shows have been uncovered and put together on this remarkable video for the very first time. Billy Connolly Bites yer bum live from the Victoria Apollo, Filmed in February 1981 during a two- week run at the Apollo- the culmination of a marathon British Tour that started in 1980.

Hand Picked by Billy - Live from the Cambridge theatre. Filmed in London in 1982 this show includes the infamous story of the Glasgow Sewage worker.

Billy Connolly in Concert (1978)

Big Banana Feet (1976)

The Great Northern Welly Boot Show (1972)

The Great Northern Welly Boot Show a stage musical which Billy co-wrote and performed.

The show satirised the ship building industry, which showed ship builders building wellington boots. This was so well received that it was transferred from Edinburgh to the Young Vic in London.


The Great Northern Welly Boot Show (1972)

The Great Northern Welly Boot Show a stage musical which Billy co-wrote and performed. The show satirised the ship building industry, which showed ship builders building wellington boots. This was so well received that it was transferred from Edinburgh to the Young Vic in London.